Slay-queens Spared After Settling Mammoth Bill After Sponsor Vanished

South African ladies who were filmed in a viral poor video clutching over their bags to settle a bill worth 285K have been released.

The girls on their own settled the bill before leaving the club known as  Zero13 club in Neslspruit city, Southeast of South Africa.

The bill was paid and there were no issues as implied,” a statement from the club read as they dismissed claims that the girls had been betrayed by a sponsor who went missing from the club.

The cute ladies are known to have had a lap of luxury menu which was mainly made of meat patters and a bottle of Hennessy and a bottle of 18-year-old Glenfiddich Scotch whisky among other drinks.

The news came in line with the current debate on social media, with men claiming to down their tools and foot the bill together with females when they go out on a date.



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