Smelling Cooked Meat Will Still Make You Grow Fat

It has always been said that there are foods that are so appetizing that they grow fat just by looking at them. But the truth is that a study from the University of Berkeley has discovered that the smell of food and we already gain weight.

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The researchers altered the nerve endings responsible for smell in several mice. And the result was that these guinea pigs, although they ate the same foods and the same amount as others, were fattening much less.

They then nullified the sense of smell to several obese mice, and found that they lost weight very quickly, even though they were still eating the same thing. But how can this be possible?

Researchers still do not get it clear, but they believe it could be because the smell of food makes our metabolism believe that it is lunchtime, so it prepares to store the calories and nutrients ingested. On the contrary, by canceling the sense of smell, the metabolism continues to burn energy, so it eliminates more easily the calories consumed.

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