Story Kenyan Mother Of Eight Cooking ‘Stones’ For Supper Will Put Tears In Your Eyes

The news of Kenyan mother of eight kids based in Kisauni cooking stones for her kids to have supper has left many Kenyans saddened and horrified with the state government has been using COVID-19 fund to help the poor

The report indicate that Penninah Kitsao cooked stones for her kids to have faith in supper so as to have a nap and fall asleep.

The neighbour of poor family noted that the elder kids could understand the situation but the youngest could not bear the tough conditions brought about by COVID-19 pandemic.

The neighbour had been alerted by unstoppable cries from the kids.

The 36 year old Kitsao has also been surviving for atleast one month without food, water and electricity.

She was widowed in 2018 after her husband was attacked and killed by a criminal gang

The mother of eight was initially depending on casual jobs like washing clothes and helping in homestead related chores.

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