Suzuki Leaves Comfort Zone With Sleek Machine

With some aesthetic changes, Suzuki Vitara 2019 will arrive for the second half of 2019 to continue fighting in the difficult segment of the compact SUV.

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After several generations and around 30 years in the market; Suzuki Vitara arrives in the coming year with aesthetic novelties that keeps it current and with an air of freshness.

Basically; these slight changes are found in the incorporation of a chrome grille, new front and rear LED lights; as well as the appearance of new 17-inch aluminium alloy wheels.

Inside; carries a new color screen in the cluster of 4.2 inches instruments, as well as some details of the decoration that is customary; Suzuki makes available to the client through personalization options.

One of the things that Suzuki has been concerned about in recent years is the safety of its vehicles and this Vitara 2019 is a clear example of this, as it will have various safety systems such as lane change warning, blind spot warning, antifatigue alert; Among others that add to the existing ones and their 7 airbags.

In the mechanical section; There will be slight changes


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