Tanzania Wants To Create A Public Website For All Married Men To Curb Infidelity

Tanzanian government wants to stop ‘heartbreaks’ to women by creating a national website that will have a database of all married men.

Through Dar es Salaam Regional Commissioner Paul Makonda, it was noted that several women had complained about being dumped by their men over infidelity, which the planned move will help combat.

“I have been receiving complaints from women who have been promised marriage by men, yet the men didn’t fulfill the promise. I know women who have been paying bills yet the men walked away …” Makonda said

He also added that the site will help women counter-check if the man asking for marriage is already married to another woman.

“If possible we will set up a database in the regional commissioner’s office in each region that every man who promises a woman marriage, this should be registered in the database which will allow women to check to see whether the person asking is married …,” Makonda said at a Monday news conference.

According to Makonda, Tanzania will bench-mark with Southern African Development Community .

In Nairobi, Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko caused a frenzy when he published hotline numbers asking women to report their deadbeat men who have abandoned supporting their kids

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