The Canadian Army’s Smart Rifle Looks Like Sci-Fi

The Canadian Armed Forces are developing a new rifle that, more than real, seems out of science fiction.

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It is a team with functions to fire three different weapons. In addition, it has a port to which smart accessories can be connected.

The rifle has been developing since 2009 and its first prototype is ready. It is intended to be a low-weight military rifle with technology to locate and analyze targets.

Those responsible for the development even plan to add tracking and guidance systems for their projectiles.

It has also telescopic sights and position that connects to command and control networks. In this way, soldiers will have the ability to transmit and receive data from the mission control center to improve their tactics.

Currently, it can fire three rounds of 40mm grenades or 5.56mm caliber ammunition from a semi-automatic rifle and 18mm shotgun. In the video below you can see it in action.



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