The first Kenyan musical film ( Musical Nayomi) premieres on Saturday 28th Feb,2015 in Nairobi

Musical ‘NAYOMI’ is the first Kenyan Musical Film to be produced in Kenya. It’ has been rated by Kenya Film Classification Board as PG and it’s going to Premier on 28th feb 2015.

It’s a story, of a little girl born in a middle-class family 18 years after Kenya’s independence. She suffers her father’s mistakes, becomes subject of poverty and violence, but grows with resilience and great compassion. She and ‘Pretah’ the mother are abandoned by ‘Bari’ the father and left to suffer his debts in the hand of ruthless criminals.

The musical is a combination of extreme realism and and a true picture of how human relationships are affected by education, poverty and crime. The film also focuses on the future of today’s children. What will it be like??

Filmed in Juja, Kiambu County Central Kenya.


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