The Youngest Mother In World Is Barely 5 Years Old

The American Academy of Obstetrics and Gynecology recorded an unprecedented event in 1939, when in a hospital in Pisco, Peru, a girl of just 5 years of age gave birth, becoming the youngest mother in all history.

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On May 14, 1939 was born Gerardo Medina, a baby of 2.7 kilos and 48 centimeters in height, the surprising thing about this story is that his mother was at that time a little girl of 5 years, 7 months and 21 days of age.

Lina Medina began to grow both the womb that her mother, believer of the supernatural took some shamans to check that.

The diagnosis of them is that Lina had a growing belly in her belly, despite the different rites to which they subjected the little girl, her belly was still growing, which is why her father, Tiburcio Medina, decided to take her to hospital the city of Pisco.

At first, Dr. Rafael Calderon, who was the one who attended the girl, thought it was a huge tumor; However, after examining it more thoroughly


It was an eight month old baby!

Immediately after, the doctor called the police, which would imprison the father minutes after arriving. The reason? I was the main suspect in such an aberrant event. Although finally, Tiburcio, was released, since they did not find conclusive evidence against him and no other suspect was caught by the case.

According to the medical record registered in the American Academy of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Lina Medina could be a mother with only 5 years because she had an abnormally early hormonal development, in fact at three months of age and had pubic hair and at 2 years and Eight Months began to menstruate.

Currently Lina is 81 years old, in 1972 she got married and had her second child. Her first child, Gerardo Medina, She grew up believing that Lina was her sister, it was not until she was 10 years old when she found out that Lina was actually her mother.

Gerardo died at age 40 due to a strange bone disease, although it is not believed that the circumstances of his birth had anything to do with it.

The identity of Gerardo’s father is still unknown today.

It was suspected Lina’s father, who was imprisoned when accused of rape, but there was no way to prove he was really guilty. The brothers of the little girl were also in the spotlight, but nothing was ever made clear.




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