These Are The 5 Best East African Safari Experiences

A safari to the East Africa region always imprints lasting memories in your heart.  

This region beckons you to interact with their animal-rich savannahs, beguiling ancient cultures and snow-capped mountains.  To add to this, the big cats, the great primates, the mighty rhino and the tremendous African elephants are amazing to watch.

The western skies, fiery sunsets, the epic Rift Valley formations, the high mountains – Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Kenya and the unique Ngorongoro Crater all spell out serene in capital letters.  

There are a million reasons why East Africa should be on your bucket list in 2021 and beyond.  This spectacular region is waiting for you to discover its gems.

Here are the best East African Safaris that offer you great game-viewing at affordable rates.

  1. 3-day Masai Mara Budget Safari – Kenya

Masai Mara is one of the best East Africa destinations with lots of wildlife available all year round.  It is famous for the Mara- Serengeti migration that happens from late July to October each year.  

The Migration features millions of wildebeest, zebras and gazelles that cross over from Tanzania through the Mara River to Kenya to enjoy the new grasslands and mate. 

 A safari to the Mara doesn’t have to cost too much; you can opt for a 3-day budget safari.  The budget camps are typically tented camps adequately furnished with the right amenities making your stay comfortable and memorable.  

Getting to the Mara by road is an adventurous experience.  It will take you about 5 hours from the capital city, Nairobi.  You get to stop over at the famous Great Rift Valley point and take pictures or marvel at the nature in this valley.

During the annual wildebeest migration, we recommend using vehicles with off-road capabilities such as the Ford raptor, Toyota Land Cruiser, Safari Vans, Subaru XV, and others.

The 3-day safari is the minimum you can do when it comes to the Mara.  You will need time to absorb its beauty and interact with nature undisturbed.  You will get an opportunity to enjoy at least two full days at the park.  

You can choose to have a full day game drive with a picnic lunch in the middle of nowhere. You also get to visit the Masai village on the last day en route to Nairobi or any other park you would like to connect to your safari. This is an experience of a lifetime that you will love. 

Lake Nakuru National Park and Lake Naivasha are around the corner on your way back to Nairobi, and you can opt to add some extra days and tour either of these lakes.

  1. 4- day Safari experience at the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater – Tanzania

A safari in the Serengeti is an aspiration of many.  You can’t tour Tanzania without going to the Serengeti. 

The expansive savannas and woodlands are home to the rich wildlife, including the adored big five, the famous wildebeest migration starting July, among other animals.

This four-day safari includes multiple game drives and a visit to the Ngorongoro Crater – the oldest extinct volcano that tourists love to descend to see herds of wildlife that live on the crater floor. 

Serengeti is home to over 3000 lions and is blessed with spectacular natural landscapes that sport a universe of wildlife.  Tanzania has devoted close to 50% of its land to conservation, providing an enjoyable safari experience. 

  1. 4 -Day Safari Experience at Murchison National Park  – Uganda

Murchison National Park is Uganda’s largest park.  You will enjoy a breathtaking sight of the Falls, boat rides at the Nile River and spend the night in a budget camp on the banks of this magnificent river. 

You will wake up to a morning game drive in the Park’s Nile Delta at Lake Albert, where you will see leopards, lions, elephants, giraffes, zebras, among others.  A boat ride seals your day in the clear, calm waters that relaxes the mind and the body. 

On your third day, you will then move on to Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, where you track rhinos, an activity that many people love.  Rhinos are becoming extinct recently, but this sanctuary is the only place you will see rhinos in the wild.  This sanctuary is home to 32 southern white rhinos that attracts many tourists.   

A bonus…

  1. Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

While still in Uganda, you can add at least two or three days to your safari to drive to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and visit the mountain gorillas. 

Staying in this Forest allows you to view the spectacular Lake Mutanda and the volcanoes of the Virunga.  You will have a chance to visit the gorillas and spend an hour with these human-like creatures. 


This is just the tip of the iceberg of all the beauty East  Africa offers.  No matter how many times you visit these countries, you will always have a new destination to visit and wildlife to watch and get mesmerised.  

Keep updating your travel bucket list!

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