This Is What Happens When You Eliminate Your Ex From Facebook

Currently, social networks are a fundamental part of many people’s lives. There is no shortage of those who are dying to post on Facebook that “are in a relationship with …”.

But when finished? The big question is: do I eliminate my ex from my list of friends?

Of course it is not the only thing we think about, an infinite list of questions and thoughts are in our heads: what will I think if I erase it? Do I want to keep seeing what he does? Do I want him to continue seeing what I do?

At the end of the day it is not about having it or not as a friend, but about doing what it makes you feel better because obviously a separation is not easy. Stop thinking that it is an act of immaturity; If you do not know what you do, with whom you go or where you are going, you would not have any kind of contact.

Being honest, you’re just going to spend a lot of your time stalking it and when you see something “suspicious” or that you do not like, you’ll end up feeling bad.

The psychologist Tara C. Marshall, a professor at Brunel University in London, conducted a study called “Surveillance of the old romantic couples: associations with post-rupture recovery and personal growth” and in it, she assures that if you look to overcome the break, the solution is not to remove it from the social network.




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