This Trick Will Kill Your Smartphone When It Is Stolen

The theft of your cell phone is one of the worst experiences that anyone can experience. Sadly it is very common, it is almost impossible to recover it, so we only have one option in these cases, and it works as a factor that could frustrate thieves: It is about “killing your phone” so that no one else can use Item.

Finally, the only thing the thief will have left is a useless piece of metal and plastic.

Both iOS and Android offer these options, so be careful, one day you can preserve your privacy from any thief.


If this device is stolen, you have a chance to thwart the thief and even a slight chance of finding your phone later.

Just go to the Settings menu, Apple ID and select Find My iPhone. It is a modality that will allow you to find and have control of your phone from any computer.

To activate it you will need your registration email and password.

If your phone is stolen, you can put your phone in “lost mode”. This option will immediately lock your iPhone, and will require anyone to use it without first entering a password.

There is even the possibility that you geographically find the last location of your cell phone, a last chance to find your gadget.

With this action you will notify anyone, even whoever wants to buy your phone, that you are its owner and no one else can use it. If you consider it necessary, you can even be the phone data including its software.


On the back of your iPhone, you will also find an IMEI code written. It is important that you write it down, since it will serve to report the device to the company that sold it to you, in case it is stolen and you lose hope of recovering it, to block the functions of the phone.


For Android users there is also an option. Open the Settings menu, Security and activate “Remotely locate this device” and “Activate block and erase remotely.”

Any device to which your Google account is linked will allow you to search for the latest location of your phone, and even delete it, if you lost hope of finding it.

With these tricks, if our Smartphone is stolen, we can at least prevent thieves from earning some money for their act.

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