Three Times NTSA Have Been Recorded On Tape Flouting Traffic Laws

National Traffic and Safety Authority aka NTSA, has been on the run to cub serials accidents which are largely caused by drivers who are on the wrong hand of the law.

The yellow line indicates that overtaking is prohibited completely, but the NTSA car is on the run to overtake, making the lives of nearby users in great danger

But from what we gathered, NTSA need to start working from the problem within.

NTSA vehincles have shockingly been seen not being able to follow traffic rules and regulations, endangering the lives of nearby road users.

There has also  been a public outcry after civilians reported that government officials and police have been overlooking traffic rules, yet the constitution is very clear that no one is above the law.

In the last 72 hours, more than recorded 70 lives have been lost on road carnage caused by bad driving.

Here, the NTSA van is running on the pavements putting the lives of pedestrians and vehicles on the opposite in great danger



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