Tips To Study Two Or More Careers At Ago

For some students, this dilemma ends up taking them to make a risky decision, but in the long term it can be extremely beneficial: study two careers simultaneously.

We know what you are thinking: the challenge is huge! However, having two degrees will broaden your professional possibilities in the future, as well as signify enormous growth in the personal and intellectual field.

If you are thinking about taking this path, there are some factors that you should consider

Normally, those who pretend to have two degrees at the same time are inclined to study similar careers.

For example, two different types of engineering or two careers related to health. Studying a scientific career and a humanist at the same time can be significantly impossible.

Do not start at the same time

Adapting to the university is already a cumbersome process. That is why it is advisable not to start studying both races at the same time, or if you choose to do so, do not take all the branches at once.

Otherwise you will expose yourself to completely unnecessary stress levels.

Plan your study times

Studying two careers can take you twice as long, so organizing a detailed calendar will be essential to determine your success.

If possible, ask for the programs of both careers beforehand and go to study the bibliography. In this way you can build a balanced quarter and not lose your head in the attempt. Good luck!



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