Top 10 Businesses You Can Start In Kenya With Ksh.500

For you to be a successful entrepreneur in Kenya, it does not mean you must have huge money to start off your business.

Business just requires need to solve a problem, passion and persistence and able to fight with related challenges.

With less than Ksh.500 you can be among the many successful money magnets who started low.

Here are 10 business ideas you can do in Kenya with just USD 5 and become as successful as the rest who made it before.


Start small with a hotel and grow. Look for clients who cannot afford expensive restaurants and target them.

Student joints can be a good breeding ground for your new business


Starting a shop of any kind as long it can be loaded with such amount can be a good idea.

Basic house-hold commodity shop can be a go ahead

3. Consultancy

Everyone is born unique and this means you have an ability that one needs from you. Venturing into consultancy basically requires zero capital

4.Social Media Manager

Social Media is a new thing and big firms are struggling to adapt this market. Step up throw in your proposals to such firms and high profile personalities

5.Shoe and Clothe making

If you are able to come up with your own shoe or clothe line, say Masai art line, it can also be good to start low.

This cash can actually serve you right.

6.Selling second hand clothes and shoes

With just 500, you can buy cheap clothes from second hand clothe markets, clean and iron them then resell at a good or better prices to high end market

7.Home fixer

Able to fix few items at home or better home repair services- this is a business to try out.


Blogging is one of the easiest business to start with almost no cost and get paid with huge returns.

One can start off by writing and publishing own interests.


Look for knight fitting fashions and model- appear on mags and adverts and put easy food on table. You can start absolutely with zero cash.


Investing in Talent actually requires zero money. Talents such as dancing, music, football and art pay awesomely in Kenya

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