Top 10 Most Influential Young Kenyans In Business

Business is always the back-bone of employment. And having a young generation that can be a role model to the rest in times of creating business is the best we can celebrate.

These top 10 young business minds in 2019 were among the most influential minds

The list was made with the help of Avance media


  1. Anerlisa Muigai (CEO, Nero)
  2. Michelle Ntalami (CEO, Marini Naturals)
  3. Darshan Chandaria (Dr.) (Group CEO, Chandaria Industries)
  4. Mary Muthoni (President, Women in Business Community Network)
  5. Shirlene Nafula (Managing Director, Crystal River Products)
  6. Kimani Adam (CEO, Nature Expeditions)
  7. Eric Muli (CEO, Odyssey Capital)
  8. Catherine Mahugu (CEO, Chiswara)
  9. Gerald Matolo (CEO, Angaza Africa Technologies)
  10. Zameer Verjee (CEO, Studio A-Z)

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