Top 10 Richest And Top 10 Poorest Tribes In Kenya

According to a report released by United Kingdom based Non Government Organization (NGO) in 2016, poverty levels increased in the country for the past 10 y ears due to poor governance, ancient farming methods and too much expectation from the Government.


In a report , the NGO which was sponsored by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation ranked poverty levels according to tribes and regions.In terms of regions, Rift Valley was the richest region, followed by Central Kenya, Nairobi came third, Eastern fourth, Western fifth, Nyanza sixth, Coast region seventh and North Eastern region the last in the rankings. Here is poverty levels according to tribes.

Top ten Richest tribes in Kenya

1 . Kikuyu
2. Kalenjin
3. Luhya
4. Kisii
5 .Meru
6. Embu
7. Kuria
8. Maasai
10. Kamba

Top ten Poorest Tribes in Kenya.

1 . Luo
2. Ribe
3. Samburu.
4. Turkana5. Rendille6. Okiek.7. Oromo8. Digo9 .Chonyi10. Kauma.

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