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Top 20 Kenyan Influencers On Facebook 2019

A latest survey done by Odipo Dev, Kenyan, shows who are the top Kenyan influencers on four top social media platforms.

The firm, ranked the most influential celebs and ordinary Kenyans who are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and You Tube.

Here is the list of top influencers

β€œConsumers expressed distrust in influencers due to a perception that they have sold their souls and credibility for advertising dollars. This arms race to make money off brands dabbling in influencer marketing has led many would-be influencers to use all available means to build their online profiles and following to appeal to brands. Unfortunately, as happens with most arms races, people will look to find unfair advantages to get ahead of the pack. In our case, that means influencer fraud.” announced the data network company.Β 

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