Traffic Laws You Should Know If A Police Enters Your Car

Are the police officers allowed by law to enter your vehicle?

Yes under traffic act 2015(12) but under certain conditions which are-
Titled ‘Inspection of vehicles’, the excerpt reads: “It shall be lawful for any police officer in uniform to stop any vehicle, and for any police officer, licensing officer or inspector—

to enter any vehicle;

to drive any vehicle or cause any vehicle to be driven;
(c) upon reasonable suspicion of any offence under this Act, to order and
require the owner of any vehicle to bring the vehicle to him, for the purpose of carrying out any examination and test of the vehicle with a view to ascertaining whether the provisions of this Act are being complied with or with a view to ascertaining whether the vehicle is being used in contravention of
this Act.”
The law further stipulates penalties for those not co-operative with the officers during such duties.
Part two of the section states: “Any person who fails to comply with any instruction or order given under this section shall be guilty of an offence and liable on a first conviction, to a fine not exceeding thirty thousand shillings, and for a second or subsequent conviction, to a fine not exceeding fifty thousand shillings or to imprisonment for a term of one year.”

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