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Another Revelation To Why Groove Awards 2016 Committee Refused To Nominate Willy Paul And Bahati

From the look of things, if Groove Awards existed in the days of King David, he wouldn’t have gotten a nomination. Bear with me and I will explain why.

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The 2016 Groove Awards nominations were announced recently and what had most people talking isn’t the fact that gospel celebrities came out in droves nor was it the fact that the red carpet was impressive… What really had people talking was that two people, young lads or rather the fact that they were nowhere to be seen.

Bahati and Willy Paul are some of the two biggest gospel acts in Kenya and the fact that their names were missing from the nominations list was telling.

How could the team behind Groove Awards justify the decision not to leverage the two youngins’ audiences? On the surface, it seemed like a business decision – a flawed business decision, but a business decision nonetheless.

Larry Madowo attempted to break down the flawed logic behind the decision thus:

Larry Madowo Naona Kizungu imesumbua watu hapa. The Groove panel of judges said they only nominated those whose ‘life and character’ espouse Christian values. Even though they didn’t mention Bahati and Willy Paul by name, snubbing them implies that their lives/character do not. I think that is a contradiction if Groove’s them is ‘Come As You Are.’ That is what I was saying up there

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