Twitter Will Soon Charge Your Account

Although the constant use of social networks is increasing and companies are increasingly focused on using this means of communication with their users, social networks seem to have not touched on economic and social issues. Utilities.

Social platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram have huge profits thanks to the large number of ads from different companies that are published daily. If we take into account the number of users that each of these networks have, we can give an idea of ​​the potential public quantity that comes targeted specifically the ads and especially the profits they generate.

The social network of 140 characters is conducting a survey with some of its users to know their opinion about whether they would pay for some premium features.

Currently Twitter has a Tweetdeck platform that allows you to have multiple accounts connected simultaneously. This platform is widely used by community managers and people who need to analyze information or closely follow conversations.

How has Twitter evolved in its first 11 years of life?

As in any social network, each platform has a way to measure and analyze data such as traffic, number of interactions of users or review their advertising campaigns.

Tweetdeck today is a free tool for everyone. The purpose of Twitter is to create an improved version and designed so that people who actually use it for professional purposes have more options to track their accounts.

The current version of the tool will remain free, however, it is very likely that in the near future a new version for advanced users will be needed that needs more complexity in the metrics that they evaluate.



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