Uber Exposed On How They Are Overcharging Customers Using Malicious Apps

The confidence bestowed on the taxi app Uber may dwindle after their drivers are believed to be using malicious apps which simulate longer distances than usual, hence hiking up the fare.

The malicious app attaches itself to the GPS, which intern create a similar journey with a prolonged distance which raises the cost of the service.

For instance, one customer complained that he traveled from Nairobi Riverside to the city centre, where the app red he had gone for about 42Kms, a distance which is less than 5Kms.

He should have paid Ksh.580, but he ended up paying more than Ksh.2400. He was later refunded upon raising the issue.

The unfortunate customer is just among the many who are being conned of their money simply because most of them are not keen to check on their emails to confirm accuracy of the information.

Another customer, had the same experiencing of distance exaggerations.

The customer took the Uber from Chiromo roundabout on Ngong Road, a distance of less than f4Kms, was billed Sh1,900 for a distance of 17.6 KMs



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