Ugliest Celeb Couple Break-Ups In Kenya, 2019

The year 2019 started on a high key romance knots, where several proposals, engagements and marriages were witnessed.

However, the year also had its ugly side of celebrity couple break ups.

A good number of Kenyan celebs have already call it an end to their relationship in 2019.

And here is the list

Erick Omondi and Shantel Grazioli

Perhaps, the worst of kind of break up, yet done much perfect by a PR machine himself comedian Erick Omondi.

He made it look like a joke, yet he was so serious about, Kenyans only believed when tired said yes, they are no more.

Erick Omondi who was planning a sh.80 million wedding, confirmed the sad news back on May 22nd.

He did it through Instagram.

Vanesa Mdee

The love relationship between Juma and Vanesa Mdee is also another victim to the break up.

Juma aka Junx have had cheating allegations with Vanesa Mdee before ending their love story.

Rnaze and Natalie

Rnaze and Natalie first broke up in a nasty argument that went public on social media.

Natalie and Rnaze had a trauma of having let off their anger against each other in public.

But as God my have it, they found a common ground and met again.

Lisa Gaitho and Nigerian Sponsor

Kenyan Vlogger and relationship adviser Lisa was dumped in February 2019.

Lisa left Nigeria for Kenya so as to focus on a career and her relationship with Jesus.

It is believed that Lisa and the Nigerian tycoon had a nasty break up before being shown the door.

Few months to the break up, Lisa angered Kenyans when she wrote a sensitive article advising ladies to shower their men

Msupa S

Msupa S and her ex hubby who also doubled as a manager separated yet in another nasty relationship back in January 2019.

The husband then accused her of having relationship with TV celebs such as Willy M Tuva of Mambo Mseto on Citizen TV.

Saumu Mbuvi and rich boyfriend

Days and months after dumping her old boyfriend Ben, Saumu did not wait long to cut ties with new rich kid on her dock.

She announced through social media that it was over, and indeed it was.

Saumu has been dating a senator from coast region, yet full of drama and violent pranks

Willy Paul and Nandy

We all knew Willy Paula and Tanzanian singer Nandy’s love affair had a destination.

And i never took them long to reach their end.

Nandy and Willy Paul broke up so easily, like they were hurrying up for another move in a movie script

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