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Undergarments That Cause Vaginal Odor

In hot season, one of the things that matters most to women is to stay fresh and free of unpleasant aromas, especially in the intimate area; However, there are clothes that cause a bad smell due to the materials with which it is made.

If you want to avoid vaginal odor or prevent its reappearance, it is best to avoid using the following intimate garments.


The narrow strip of cloth that covers the vulva to the anus facilitates the transmission of bacteria by altering the flora and vaginal pH.


Like the thong, it favors the appearance of vaginal infections . Because the strip is thinner and uncomfortable, it causes irritation and burning of the vulva.

3.Control lingerie

It is very useful to stylize the figure, but being made with synthetic materials that conform to the body, it reduces air circulation.

Bye bye bad smell!

If you want to forget about the bad smell and be comfortable even when high temperatures are registered, do not hesitate to use the following garments.

1.Classic panties

It is known colloquially as “granny’s pants”. The width of the cut completely covers the lower part and reduces the exchange of bacteria between the vagina and the anus. They are 100% recommended if they are made of cotton.


The cut of the legs is shorter, so it allows the air to circulate freely. It is recommended to wear it with pants.

3.Boxers for women

They provide greater comfort and air circulation. Being longer prevents irritation in the thighs or in the crotch. It is ideal to use with dresses or skirts.

Remember that odor-causing garments are made with synthetic materials , so choose cotton ones. If you want to look flirtatious for your partner, use the lace for a few hours .

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