Updated List Of Kenyan Celebs Who Tested COVID-19 Positive

COVID-19 is quickly spreading across the world and is affecting all and sundry in our society.

In Kenya, the number keeps soaring amid partial lockdown in several counties.

Here are Kenyan celebs who have been tested and confirmed to be positive.

1.Kilifi Deputy Governor Gideon Saburi

Kilifi DG Saburi has been a controversial COVID-19 patient since the first case was reported in the first days of March 2020 in Kenya.

DG Saburi landed on 9th March but tested negative on 23rd and 26th March in 2020.

He is currently facing charges of carelessly interacting with public and violating self- isolation order.

2.William Kamoti MP

The Rabai Member of Parliament tested positive after coming into contact with DG Saburi.

After this incident, 38 MPs were forced into self isolation for fears of contracting the disease

3.Ivy Brenda and Brian

Ivy Brenda and Brian were the first COVID-19 patients in Kenya to fully recover.

The two were shown to the public and had a video call with President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Kenyans would later term the show off as a mere PR show that was poorly planned.

Brenda Ivy Cherotich and Brian Orinda became overnight celebs and there talk could be barely avoid by the nation for nearly to two weeks after their recovery news

4.James Oyugi Onyango

The late Kenya Ports Authority travelled rom Mombasa to his home in Siaya in about three days.

He later died after arriving at his home. His blood samples tested positive of COVID-19.

James became a subject of national talk in away he was buried and his family given a tough time in giving him a dignified send off.

5.KQ Pilot Daudi Kibati

This long serving pilot at Kenya Airways seemed to have paid the ultimate price of governments policy to continue flying despite the early warning

He died on April 1st n 2020 a week after his international flight to New York city in bid to evacuate stranded Kenyan in USA.

He became ill on 29th March before his demise.

According to sources at Kenya Airways who requested anonymity, Captain Kibati, who piloted the Dreamliner 787, was tasked with evacuating Kenyans from a city ravaged by the virus under very strict timelines.

The flight had to leave New York City before the lockdown was announced New York Governor Andrew Cuomo began and it had to arrive in Nairobi before March 25.

The former Kenya Airforce pilot aged at 61 years was forced into self quarantine with his first officer at Ole Sereni Hotel in Nairobi

Kibati had also flown to Italy, then it was the world epicenter of COVID-19

His first officer tested positive along with some of the crew members on the New York – Nairobi flight

6.Bishop Margret Manjiru

It is true that Bishop Margret Wanjiru was confirmed positive of COVID-19, however, the manage in which the news was delivered to Kenyans has angered Kenyans.

The former Starehe MP is said to be in ICU but a section of Kenyans are asking why she does not deserve her confidentiality as well as due respect so as to recover.

Kenyans also questioned the ‘mocking’ byline displayed by NTV while announcing her tragic news

7.All Saints Cathedral Provost Sammy Wainaina 

The famous provost tested positive over June and lucky enough he was able to recover with much help from the hospital

“I walked into a chemist, got some antibiotics and painkillers then went home thinking it would just go away. I was wrong,”


 8.Tony Waswa Wetang’ula

Bungoma Senator Moses Wetangula and Westlands MP Timothy Wanyonyi lost their dear brother Tony Waswa to COVID-19 during the month of May in 2020.

Tony Waswa Wetang’ula who also doubled up as Wanyonyi’s aide passed on while undergoing treatment the Agha Khan Hospital, Nairobi.

“He is one of my younger brothers and he has been working with my brother Tim, helping him. Tim is working with disability and you need somebody close to you to help you navigate through life so Tony has been working with Tim all these years and he has been part of his life,” Wetangula said.

9. State House Officials

In mid June, 2020, Four staffs working at the State House in the Kenyan capital Nairobi tested positive for COVID-19.

Communication from State House noted that President Uhuru Kenyatta and his family were safe during the incident .

10. Robert Burale

The famous pastor and motivational speaker Robert Burale revealed that he tested COVID-19 positive in early July 2020.

In his long post, Burale notes that he was not aware that he was positive until the situation got out of hand and he was rushed to hospital.

Here is his heartbreaking post on Facebook

Jeff Koinage

On 20th July 2020, Citizen TV anchor and popular journalist Jeff Koinange added his name to Kenyans who have tested positive, as well as a click of other journalists .

Jeff posted a heartbreaking message on his account, prompting Kenyans to wish him a quick recovery.

However, Jeff assured his fans that he was doing great and everything to worry was not there.

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