USIU Protests Against Grabbed Land Under The Watch Of Their Ambulance

When news broke out that USIU were going to have a protest, many were surprised and even did not expect the protest to take place.


It was with good reason because this was going to be about just the second protest at the institution and hardly anyone remembers what the first one was for. Jokes were made about how they will show up with selfie sticks and high heels. Well, the protest did happen this morning and it was in quite a class you would think going by the Kenyan protests tradition that this was not a protest just a march marking an event.

The whole school was there from the Vice Chancellor, Professors and the students and even some alumni. They came organized complete with an ambulance and a band to boot. The placards were orderly and even Manu Chandaria joined the protest march from USIU to Muthaiga Police Station. Even rowdy protesters like Boniface Mwangi were orderly and had time for that selfie moment.

Here are the photos



















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