Varsity Political Student Leaders Want To Be Exempted From Taking Exams

University students who are also student leaders looking after the affairs of their fellow students are requesting universities across the Kenya to honour their pledge of not involving them during semester exam sessions.

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Instead, they are opting to take a common exam which should be pushed at the end of the year. There best reason is obvious, they spent alot of time looking after the affairs of their fellow students.

Sentiments made by Students’ Organisation of University of Nairobi (Sonu) president Felix Opiyo indicate that infact some lecturers look down upon student leaders who label them as unfocused.

Many student leaders have been reported to have missed several lessons while on their other official duties in school. Raising concern on how they have been handling their studies.

The Higher Education sector should come up with a clear guideline n how student leaders can serve their fellows at the same time attend to their lessons in order to churn out leaders with quality education



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