Do You Want To Quit Your Job? Read This First

Out of the people who have left their jobs for their own based reasons, 23 have regretted having given in their resignation letter.

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A survey conducted on 1000 employees who left their work places has revealed the following key items, which might just be what you need before you hand in your resignation letter.

1.Good friends and colleagues

About 28% have been sorry having parted ways with their best work mates and friends at work. For you, you need to evaluate the value and the bond between you and your friends, is the resignation too expensive than that? Answer yourself and move on to your next decision

2. Do you have the right reason

Look at all the possibilities you got, before making the final decision to leave your work place, about 27percent of those employees who responded agreed that they left for the wrong reason. This gives you a lesson to reinvent your course.

3.Left a great boss come mentor

If you leaving and you have not had a chance to thank your boss, you might regret, the grass outside might not be greener, but trust the respondents who agreed that their former boss was actually the best s compared to the current

4.Did you explore all the possible opportunities first?

Yes, another surprise reason, is that many employees leave without exhausting all the possible opportunities at your current firm, this makes it hard for you to survive their, thinking that if you leave, all shall be well, but no, you need to explore all the tasks at the firm

5. Ask for promotion

Ask for the promotion that you feel it well suits your qualification.

If a promotion, a change in responsibilities, or a raise would turn your bad job into a good one, then it’s downright silly not to ask for one or all of those. Especially since 4 percent of those who regret leaving a job are now sorry that they didn’t.

The important lesson here is that you probably won’t get what you want unless you ask for it. And that will be just as true at a new job as it is in your current one.



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