Why Do My Legs Fall Asleep In The Bathroom For A Long Time?

If you are one of those who spend several minutes in the bathroom, you’ve probably suffered from your legs falling asleep.

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The numbness for being long on “the throne” is common, but why sleep legs to stay long in the bathroom?

The sensation of tingling in the legs and feet is not fortuitous and although it does not imply a greater risk to your health, it is a scientific explanation that is worth knowing.

When sitting on the toilet, you may tend to bend forward; This creates pressure on the nerves of the pelvis and slows blood flow to them.

This oppression causes the numbness of the legs (and feet) and that terrible tingling sensation that barely allows you to stop from the toilet, that is paresthesia.

In addition, as the toilet seat has a gap causes our weight to fall on the legs, exerting pressure on the arteries, responsible for sending oxygen to the nerves of the body.

Now you know the reason why, after selling your notifications, on social networks, or your favorite magazine, sitting in the bathroom, your legs and feet are numbed.

Avoid it by reducing the time you spend sitting on the toilet. Yes you can!



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