Why The Fungi Of The Feet Should Not Be Treated With Raw Garlic

Garlic is attributed various therapeutic properties. Therefore, it is the main ingredient of many home treatments. But it is often forgotten that raw garlic can also cause irritation and skin burns, if not handled carefully.

It is something that people who are dedicated to cooking know well, and who have also learned in the worst possible way the protagonist of this story.

The patient is an English woman who decided to use raw garlic to treat the fungi that cause the so-called athlete’s foot.

The woman applied to her feet, for four hours a day and over four weeks, to paste made of raw garlic.

Unfortunately, not only did the fungus not disappear, but also her skin was affected, and she had to go to the doctor because of an irritation similar to a burn that appeared on the big toe of one of her feet.

The problem was caused by diallyl disulfide, one of the components of garlic that has very irritating properties.

And, when raw garlic is applied on the surface of the body for long periods of time, this substance ends up affecting the skin, causing the appearance of sores and eczema.




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