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Why You Should Never Ask A Woman If She Wants To Have Children

Sometimes we tend to think that the ideal life is to have a relationship, get married and have precious children.

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For some people that is, effectively, the ideal, but not for others. In both cases, for those who do not want and for those who want but cannot for whatever reason, some questions can be very uncomfortable, such as if you want to have children or not, when you get married or when you why do you not have a partner

Why you should avoid asking about children

When we consider how to react to those intrusive questions that are asked of single women, we are from the point of view of those who are satisfied and happy with this sentimental situation.

But have you stopped to think about the effect that those questions cause in a person who is desperately looking for a partner? Because there are also. And those questions hurt.

The same goes for the subject of motherhood, more delicate than the subject of the couple, couples or weddings. Asking a woman if she wants to have children when she is not your intimate friend or you do not know her too much is a risk because you can embitter her day with your curiosity.

What if that woman does not want to have children but why cannot she partner?

We make a point to remember that being born a woman does not force you to be a mother, that the biological clock of some women has never been activated or activated and that motherhood does not fit into their plans.

If you run into these women and questions about the subject of the children you will surely find an uncomfortable answer to the height of your question. But they are not the ones that worry us.

We are worried about those people who do not understand that there are other forms of life different from theirs.

Do not understand that you can be different, more open, more closed, more happy, more by inertia or that there are a thousand ways of understanding love or that not everyone has to reproduce the same vital schemes.

But as one never knows what is behind the decisions of others, there is no reason to ask about issues that go directly to privacy.



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