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Why You Should Not Store Tomatoes In The Fridge

Have you noticed that freshly picked tomatoes have a lot more than when you buy them at the supermarket?

American researchers seem to have found the explanation.

Why should not you put the tomatoes in the refrigerator

The fault is the cold

After 7 days of refrigeration, the tomatoes have lower levels of volatile compounds, the chemical substances that give the tomato its characteristic aroma and flavor. The reduction was up to 65%.

Since the tomatoes are collected in the field until they reach the supermarkets they are kept in cold stores. This allows them to stay fresh and attractive to consumers, and this is why they are less tasty .Tomatoes lose their aroma and flavor in the refrigerator

Better taste if they are not refrigerated

There is no doubt that for tomatoes to retain all their flavor it is best not to put them in the refrigerator.

Cooling reduces flavor because cold temperatures “turn off” specific genes, which are responsible for the production of compounds that give flavor to tomatoes.

The chilled tomatoes are just as nutritious as non – refrigerated.

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