Willy Paul Pours Love To His Tanzanian ‘Prayer’ Partner

Willy Paul and his fellow Nandy, a Tanzanian singer, have been spotted together in the country for more than a month now.

Willy Paul nandy

The two are understood to be working on a collabo, but it is their extra activities that are raising eye-brows.

No once twice, Willy Paul and Nandy have been pictured getting cozy, holding hands and whispering to each other in a suggestive way.

The top Kenyan gospel artist might have gone to far with his latest post on Nandy, stating that he actually ‘loved’ her so much to encounter sleepless night.

“Kuna Mtanzania Anafanya Silali Na Post Saa Nne Usiku Mimi Kijana Wa Mungu.. Please Tag Her Kama Unamjua!!! Tell Her Nampenda And Anitumie Tembe Nipate Usingizi..” Paul Wrote 

Willy Paul

There new song will be dubbed ‘Njiwa’

Are You Ready For This One??? ” Nimeshazama Kwenye Penzi… Waeza Sema Nimepagawa.. Mwambie Sinijiwezii.. Aje Mapema Anipe Dawa ” #Njiwa’

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