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Willy Paul Scores An Own Goal On His Latest TV Interview

To What looked like giving his enemies a sweet and hot cake to eat, Willy Paul again fall to his TV interview technique, worse of all, they are live giving it very few seconds not to correct or correct.

Judging form the Friday evening mood, his managers and Citizen TV senior editors were just tired and could not prevent some of the scenes from going live on the public.

It is so difficult, as fans said to distinguish Willy Paul’s music from the usual other Gospel artist.

So of his fans have actually stated that he missed out on the awards due to his double standards in the gospel industry

In the video above, Willy Paul without respect takes over Willis Raburu’s show and turns it into a street club, dishing out money, and wiping his face with money, because he lacked a handkerchief

Absolutely unacceptable for someone of his status and following, who is looked upon by a huge number pf young people in Kenya




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