Woman Finds Best Way To School Seed Pastors, Begging Relatives Preying On Generous Christians

A woman has schooled ‘modern’ gold diggers using the best formula possible in a very short video.

In her video shared by Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko, the woman warns generous members of the society from three dangerous groups (seed pastors, begging relatives and gold diggers) that can make one’s life a living hell.

She starts by warning generous christians to stay away from seed pastors, who only stay close to the giver as long as he or she is still blessed.

She says that once the generous christian runs out of cash and is need of pastor’s help, that would be the end of everything.

The woman from Tanzania, speaking deep Swahili, also warns ladies to stay away from gold digging men. She adds that in modern day, men have become more of liabilities to women than the opposite.

On begging relatives, she gets her point right when she cautions that some relatives will only call and get to know your whereabouts as long as you have cash for them. But the moment you are broke, you become their laughing stock.

She ends with workmates and friends who are also after your money, she echoes the same message in a viral video that has been widely shared to Swahili speakers.

Watch the video here

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