Woman Had A Worm Living Under Her Skin Because Of Bizarre Reason

The woman in the photo is a Russian patient whose case has been included in the specialized journal New England Journal of Medicine.

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The woman noticed the appearance of a lump under the eyelid of the left eye and, a few days later, found that the lump had moved to the upper lip. From that moment, She started to notice that something was moving under the skin of her face, so she went to the doctor.

In the consultation they discovered that the patient was infected with a parasite, specifically with a worm called Dirofilaria repens. In general, this organism usually infects cats, dogs, foxes, and other mammalian species. But occasionally it can also affect the human being.

Most infections occur in Africa and in very hot countries. The cause is that mosquitoes can transmit the larvae of the worm to the animals and the people they bite.

In fact, in this specific case, the Russian patient explained that days before the appearance of the package had travelled to an area in the south of the country where the swamps are abundant, and in which there is a remarkable presence of mosquitoes.



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