Why Nursing Mother Is Feeding Her Baby With Red Breast Milk

The photo was taken by a young mother named Tanya Knox who suffered a curious phenomenon: the milk that her breasts generated was of an intense red color.

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As she explained, from the moment she gave birth, her milk had a reddish tone, although it was getting stronger as time went on. But why did something like this happen to her?

What happened to the woman is that she suffered mastitis, an inflammation of mammary glands caused by an obstruction in the milk tract.

It is a clinical picture that, according to some studies, affects 10% of mothers during the first months of lactation. But not in all patients manifests in the same way.

In some women, even, the nipples are so injected that they are unable to secrete the milk, which is retained and must be extracted.

In this particular case, mastitis was caused by a blood clot the size of a two-euro coin, which obstructed the ducts of breast milk, and which was the cause of the red color of the milk.

But, the most surprising thing is that, after analyzing it, the doctors said that, although it was a little saltier than usual, it was perfectly safe for the health of the baby.

Once the cloth disappeared, the woman’s milk progressively regained its usual white color.



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