Work Accidents That Cause More Disability In The Office

Although it seems implausible, sometimes, literally: “work makes us sick”, and more specifically, it can cause a disability.

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Which are the most common?

Although, works that use chemicals or heavy material are considered high risk; There are accidents, which can happen to you and even in the office, which can cause permanent disability.

Here we list some:

  1. Fractures
  2. Amputations (mutilation of a member)
  3. Tear
  4. Falls


Some diseases

  1. Pneumoconisis (condition caused by exposure of dust)
  2. Tuberculosis (weight loss and difficulty breathing)
  3. Hearing loss (decreased hearing)
  4. Joint injury (for example, those you experience after more than 6 hours of occupying the computer)


How to prevent an accident at work?

To avoid, as far as possible, an accident that may leave you with a disability. Here are some recommendations:


  1. Respect all established methods and procedures to carry out your work activity.
  1. When using machinery use the recommended safety equipment.
  1. Correctly place the materials or products that you use in your workplace.
  1. Maintain a clean and orderly work environment.
  1. Always keep a first aid kit.

Remember, you have the right to demand your safety. Do not forget!




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