The Most Dangerous Equipment In The Gym

When we go to the gym we do it to see ourselves and feel good, but it is important to know the most dangerous equipment in the gym to do the exercises with great caution.

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It is possible to suffer some tear or injure some tendon when an exercise is not done correctly in the gym, however there are more dangerous devices in the gym that can have more serious consequences.

According to a study by Center for Injury Research and Policy, Columbus, the most serious injuries in the muscles and bones occur in weightlifting gyms.

Some people do not know how to use them correctly and this can cause the most dangerous devices in the gym to damage muscles, sometimes irreversible.

Pectoral contracture

In this equipment it is very important to keep the shoulders, chest and arms at the same height, when you perform the exercise the arms should not exceed the shoulders, otherwise you can suffer a tearing of the shoulders and will not allow you to continue with the routine


At present, the leagues to work with your own weight are very effective in the gym. However, some leagues are shorter or wider than others.

The correct use of the league and not trying to force resistance work is important. Otherwise you could burst the league and with the pressure that it could hurt you.


Be careful with lifting weights, it is an exercise that requires a lot of precision. It must be supervised by a specialist. Accidents in this type of equipment are very frequent.

Some people believe that by holding more weight they will benefit more and that is not true.

If a person lifts more weight than he needs according to his own weight, it can have lethal consequences for his health.

In case of hurting the spine due to excess weight or to load the weights badly, you can be injured for life.

Leg extension machine

The leg extension machine is one of the most dangerous gym equipment.

When leg extension is not done properly, it can hurt your knees and cause a serious problem that may end in a surgery.

The knee cartilage wears down the years go by, however the leg extension machine wears more knee cartilage than normal.

These are some of the most dangerous equipment in the gym with which we must be careful. It is very important to be guided by a specialist so as not to hurt the muscles, tendons and bones or suffer a serious accident



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