Workers Of A Factory Go On Strike For Signing Of Ronaldo

Fiat-Chrysler, from July 15 to 17 in protest against the millionaire signing of Cristiano Ronaldo by Juventus.

This is because of the Agnelli family, owners of the Italian club, also own 30 percent of the automotive consortium. And it is speculated that the company is linked to the transaction, which was 100 million euros, and that will accrue to the popular CR7 about 30 million per year.

“It is unacceptable that while the company continues to ask the workers of FCA and CNHI (another company belonging to the Agnelli family) enormous sacrifices at the economic level, it decides to spend hundreds of millions for the signing of a player,” they said in a statement.

Cited by the local newspaper Corriere dello Sport, Gerardo Giannone, employee of the company, indicated that in the last 10 years they have not received an increase in the basic salary, while Fiat “decides to invest a large amount of money in a single human resource ! ”

“That’s fine? Is it normal for a single person to earn millions and thousands of families do not reach the middle of the month? “, Questioned in reference to former player of Rea Madrid.

Similarly, they mentioned that for three generations Fiat workers have “made the fortune of the company, enriching anyone who moves around this society, and in return have always received a life of misery.”

So far neither Juventus nor Cristiano Ronaldo have spoken, although the Agnelli claim that the car company was not involved in the brand new acquisition.



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