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10 Awkward Habits Every New Couples Struggle With

When you really start to know a relationship is in the coexistence, a stage in the light come out all the manias and defects of that being that until today seemed more perfect . We know of some things you can not stand for your partner and you do not recognize him, but we remind you that your partner also has a lot to say about you.

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You dare not admit it, but this is what you can not stand for your partner

You do not want to admit it because you’re afraid that the blue prince will turn into a frog at the first confession on your part, but there are some things you can not stand. Calm down, or you pass or you learn to live with them.

1 His mother. It is too early to recognize him, so you do not say anything, but your mother-in-law points out ways to be one of those annoyances that will make history in your partner.

2 Your order. Your partner is an orderly person, very orderly, in an orderly way. And that can not be criticized in public because it seems that it is a virtue that ensures a coexistence in peace.

3 His music. You can not admit that you can not bear his musical tastes because it was his peculiar taste that attracted him. First was the curiosity, then it was the discovery that that music was not for you.

4 Your kitchen. You can not stand their dishes and you think that one day you will die of poisoning, but you prefer not to recognize it because if you say something, it would be your turn to take care of yourself from the menu. Hold.

5 Your social skills. Your partner is a charm, it is so charming that it is not strange that he is the prototype ideal man. And you agree, what you can not stand is that he is so sociable that he stops half an hour to talk to every known person who is on the street.

6 His ex-girlfriend. You have been fortunate in a couple who get along very well with their ex-girlfriend, who are friends, who usually stay for coffee or may even work together. You do not have to be jealous for this situation to disturb your peace of mind.

7 Your car. Your partner has a fabulous car that cares more than you, pays more attention than you and you do not know if it is possible to be jealous of a car, but you preferred a thousand times a less fabulous car that could not look with that devotion .

8 Your schedules. Recognize that you have bad luck in love, because having fallen in love with a man who likes to get up early is a vital torture. You can not bear to get up so soon, but you can not bear to talk to those indecent hours.

9 Your sport. You have hit a healthy and athletic boy luck. And you’re not that you do not stand that runs out every afternoon, what you can not stand is his superiority look as you say goodbye lying on the couch.

10 Your social networks. The night comes and your partner sits next to you on the couch, but he does not talk to you, he does not look at you, he is abducted by his smartphone attending social networks, his friends, chatting, gossiping.



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