10 Celebs Who Almost Wedded

Being in a relationship is one thing, and tying a knot or walking down the aisle is another thing, well that is what our celeb artists have taught us.

The following 10 celebs were in a relationship but they ditched the relationship and went ahead to marry another partner.

5.Sleepy Davy

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Seen together, kissed each other, but guess what, Jacky Vike aka Awinja is dating just another man, and she is even pregnant of him. So what was Sleepy Davy doing with Awinja?

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Gospel singer Bahati and girlfriend Diana Marua have been dating for enough time, and we thought that by now they should be in marriage, not just in a romoured

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7.Willy Paul

Willy Paul and his long girl, have never done a wedding, fans just keep on speculating when they are going to do a wedding. But even though Willy Paul doesn’t look anyway serious to do a wedding sooner

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8.Shaffie Weru

Their chemical agreement while on their famous radio show, Morning Drive, has been seen as a kind of a perfect relationship. Their fans, even some have thought that the two are in a relationship, but no, everyone is just in his and her own world of love

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