Kenyans Express Their Freedom Of Speech Through #UhuruChallenge

At the time back during Moi’s regime, it was not easy to criticize a government office or more so the presidency even though the Constitution stated so. But today, that is not news, after all that was a ‘regime’ and this is a ‘government’.

Not once or twice have we witnessed Kenyans ridicule the Presidency especially the office of Uhuru Kenyatta. More so than during Mwai Kibaki’s era.

So today Kenyans took to Twitter to denounce how Uhuru has been commissioning projects which are said to have started during way back in Kibaki’s time and even Moi’s time.

Opposition Leaders such as Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho claims the president is using earlier commissioned projects to advance his political career especially in the months away general elections.

Here is how it looked on a small scale.




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