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How To Convert Your Bae Into An Ageless Partner

Maybe you’re wondering what a life partner is and how to distinguish him from a boyfriend. Well, the difference is clear. With the life partner you feel happy, you feel safe and with the freedom to be yourself. In short, when you have a life partner you are more likely to have a happy couple. While with the groom you feel that you are testing your love, your endurance and your ability to endure.
Is your partner and you ready to be life partners? How to turn your boyfriend into a life partner

1. Forget the stereotypes. The first step for your boyfriend to become a life partner is to forget about the stereotypes that surround the conventional couple relationship. It is not about having an open relationship, or anything like it, but about leaving behind the old roles assigned to men and women within the couple. The boyfriend who feels he loses freedom, the jealous girlfriend, the boyfriend who gets away from the housework, the girlfriend who works as a mother … all this does not help us!

2. Love is not renunciation. Life partners are very clear that love is inclusive, not exclusive, that loving your partner does not stop you from loving your friends and your family because love is not renunciation either. Love, if it is true love, can only add, not subtract freedom, independence, dreams or security.

3. Keep your independence. And since love is not renunciation, a life partner will want you to maintain your independence, your different tastes, your moments with your friends, your moments alone and your personality. And for the same reason, you will want your partner to have their own space, so the shared moments know best.

4. Share your dreams. The subject of dreams is the best way to know if you have a life partner or a boyfriend to use. A life partner supports you and encourages you to pursue your dreams. On the contrary, a boyfriend belittles the importance of your dreams and, at best, is not interested in them. And this, let us tell you, is equivalent to saying that you are not interested in your happiness because happiness is made of dreams to fulfill.

5. Clear things. There are boyfriends who talk about time, there are boyfriends who talk about themselves and there are life partners who practice the noble art of communication, indispensable for a happy couple. In a relationship, it is better for things to be clear, what you want, what you demand, what you are willing to give and what you want to receive. And to know all that is necessary to speak.

6. Out of reproaches. If the communication works, it does not fit the reproaches with a life partner, because that life partner is your ally in life, not your enemy in a battle that has as a battlefield the coexistence and goal to achieve power.

7. Forming a team. There are no wars between the companions of life. There may be arguments, differences of judgment and misunderstandings that are resolved as soon as possible, but always maintaining respect and making it clear that both are on the same team.



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