Luis Enrique: “Messi Has To Be Very Bad Not To Play”

Luis Enrique appeared before the media the day before the transcendental clash that his team will dispute in Glasgow before Celtic. The Asturian coach spoke about the latest setbacks Barca and the importance of recovering the positive momentum in the European shock.


Celtic home

“I think the first round match does not serve as a reference because they changed their system then.” Tomorrow’s match is another totally different story.they will be faithful to the way they have to play.We will have to overcome their high pressure and Be attentive to a match of this magnitude. ”

A more ambitious rival

“The Celtic game in their area, forgetting to attack is not going to happen, because they need points and because it is not the game that they usually play, it will not have anything to do with the first leg.”

The annoyances of Piqué

“Piqué is fine, he did not train yesterday because he received a stomp, but nothing important, we hope he is available to the team.”

The return of Messi

“Yesterday he trained in perfect conditions, Leo always has the desire to play and if you lose a game is because something serious happens. It has to be very bad not to play, so imagine how was Saturday. To give their best version, as always. ”


“It is a scenario where anyone likes to play, it is one of the best in Europe. For its fans, with a spectacular atmosphere … you have to enjoy it and give a great version.”
Does winning matter for recovering feelings, or for the eighths?

It is always important, for both.

Do you have resources for ultradefensive approaches?

“We are accustomed to approaches like that of Malaga, it is a common thing that happens to us every season.If you only pay attention to the day that we do not solve it, it’s normal for you to be frightened.These games are usually considered and we usually solve them successfully.We have resources, Which does not mean that we are always going to leave. ”

The hobby factor

“I think it is everything, this is one of the best examples of what a hobby is.” Barca, for a few years now, has a lot of fans who travel to see the team. Improvement with the animation tier “.
Is this a key week for Barca?

“No, I do not have a different feeling.It seems like a normal championship week.We are in November, in Day 12, in Day 5. We still have Christmas, nougat, spring … this is a week Normal, in which we will try to have the best possible results, as always. ”
Neymar attends more than this year

“It depends on where you look. If you look at the goals, it may seem like you have a few and if you look at the assists, it takes a lot.”



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