Mzungu Allegedly Commits Suicide By Jumping From Building After He Was Robbed Blind In Nairobi Lodging

Nairobi shamba la mawe kweli! if you are not careful, you will be robbed in broad daylight while people are watching. Cases of people being robbed in the city under the sun have been rampant and it seems this is not going to end anytime soon. Just recently, a German national; Frank Heinz – Karl was reduced to a beggar after a Kenyan woman milked him dry and was left loitering in the streets of Ukunda, South Coast and not in his right senses.

Well, another mzungu allegedly committed suicide in Nairobi’s downtown area recently after one million Kenyan shillings was stolen from him. According to witnesses, the mzungu had rented a lodging in Nairobi’s downtown area and after finding out that his money was stolen, he got stressed as he had nowhere to go. He allegedly jumped from a building and died on the spot.

This attracted many onlookers who spent more than three hours at the scene trying to get detailed information about the man.


Some Kenyans have become notorious for stealing from tourists and if this is not handled well, we might lose out on potential investors and even scare away tourists.


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