Nairobi Tuk Tuks Take Graffiti To Their Wheels

Just about 5 years ago, graffiti culture on all PSVs was about to be abolished were it not for the quick intervention of President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Graffiti does not only create a huge employment section, it is such a unique culture for Kenya on the global map.

For many years, Matatus have colonized at a great scale in the use of graffiti, but in 2018 they have a new rival to battle with.

And this is from unusual segment, TUK TUK which are commonly used as taxis.

Some of the tuk tuks quick adopting this culture are those in Thika town which is a metropolitan town to Nairobi city

Doing grafitti on a PSV veicle is such an expensive adventure with the coast going as high as 10 million shillings.

\However, boarding a well pimped Matatu with graffiti is also expensive, with the fare ticket going double the normal fare



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