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Worst Excuses For Rejecting A Date

We already know that not all dating results in a relationship. And we also know that some first quotes never take place because you have repented in time.

When you are not very convinced whether or not to go to that appointment, follow your instinct and cancel. We have been told the worst excuses for rejecting an appointment. They are terrible, but they work.

The ideal when you want to reject someone or when you want to cancel that first date is that you go with the truth ahead and leave things clear, but we know that there are times when clarity does not work and the boy insists and insists and you no longer know what to tell her to understand your refusal. For those cases where your good education does not work, we have some terrible but effective excuses.

1 I have to take my dog ​​to the psychologist. If your dog is depressed or has behavior problems, take the psychologist. Logically your pet is ahead of any date and that is understood even by that heavy guy who does not capture your hints.

2 It looks like it’s going to rain. You can not stay because it’s going to rain, so you better cancel the appointment and leave it for a day that does not rain, is not hot or cold. And much less if it is windy.

3 I do not find a nanny for my children. This excuse is devastating especially if in your conversations by chat before the appointment you have said that you do not have children.

4 My husband has returned from traveling. Look, you’ve been upset because your husband’s back on the road. Yes, that husband you forgot to mention. But you’re telling him now, it’s never late for good information.

My grandfather is dead. It is very ugly to invent the death of a relative, especially that of your grandfather, who has been dead since before you were born but is one of the most used excuses to escape from a date.

6 The washing machine has broken down and flooded you all. To the neighbor’s apartment. What a wreck and a season of reforms and paperwork, it will be better to leave it for later.

7 I’m trying to catch the neighbor’s snake. You have a dog, but your neighbor who is very original, has a snake and has escaped. Of course you can not leave the house until you find the animal’s whereabouts.

8 It’s my grandfather’s birthday. Yeah, well, the same grandfather who’d died in a previous excuse now turns his years. Such a family event is more than enough reason to refuse an appointment.

9 I broke my leg. If you have broken your leg, there is no way you can go to the appointment. Because you’re at rest, of course. It’s a shame, of course, but maybe you should soften it with a sprain, in case you see you running down the street to catch the bus!

10 I’m in the police station. Excuse of last minute that will make that boy does not call you again. You’re in the police station, you’re in trouble, but you’ll call her another day.

And you, what absurd excuse have you put to refuse a date?



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