10 Aspects You Must Do Before You Start Job Hunting

Here are a series of aspects to consider when finding the first job.

1. Develop a good resume:

The important thing for this document is to be concise and dynamic. Having no previous work experience, it is advisable to place the achievements on a personal level.

Recruiters seek simplicity, since during a process hundreds of CVs from other applicants are usually received.

2. Expand the search:

The selection processes and mass calls for work are published in newspapers, and it is one of the most reliable search platforms in the labor market.

But in recent years, web platforms have become more relevant for companies and are spaces for weekly or monthly publication of calls for inexperienced staff.

3. Create a Linkedin:

Linkedin is the professional job search platform. It is important to create an account, with or without experience, as it allows you to connect and have a digital network with interested professionals or look for a call within the platform.

Of course, it is important to manage the account very carefully, have a suitable profile picture, detail the previous achievements and the preparation obtained.

4. Focus the search:

The profiles for each job are different, so it is important to focus the job search, self-analyze, find the strengths, own skills and the space in which they can perform.

If you do not have much experience, there are calls aimed at that aspect, which seek to give young people a first chance.

5. The first filter:

In mass calls, companies use the telephone interview as a prior selection resource. If you have already applied for a job, it is important to be prepared for the call, feel calm, have the right and correct answer for each question.

6. If summoned:

If they summoned the face-to-face call, attend for sure. In the interview one must give everything of oneself. In addition, it should be taken into account that this interview will be like a conversation, in which he will talk a little about the strengths and future projections.

7. Organize well:

One day before organizing for the interview. Choose the appropriate clothing that will be used, take care of hygiene, and that the first impression always counts. Attend a few minutes in advance at the agreed time, to avoid any inconvenience.

8. Know the company to which you apply:

Search about the company, the objectives, the vision and essence of the place where you apply.

9. Caring for verbal language:

Nerves are never lacking for the first interview. It is important first of all to maintain serenity and listen carefully to the recruiter’s questions and answer clearly and concisely. This considering that within the calls that are made, there are hundreds of young people who apply.

10. Beware of the questions:

Once the interview is over, the moment comes when the interviewer ends with the following: Do you have any questions? Ideally, after this process, questions will be made about it.

For example, what continues after the interview? When will the call be answered? Avoid bringing up salary-related questions as they undermine the purpose of the interview.

Finally, we must be patient since the call processes demand time.

It is important to remain calm at all times and continue to look for job opportunities that best fit each person’s profile.

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