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5 Ways You Can Promote Entrepreneurship In Children

Are we forming independent, creative and prepared citizens to identify and take advantage of opportunities?

How many of our young people feel ready to lead the development of their communities and their lives?

There is a new current called “Entrepreneurial Education” that emerges as a proposal that breaks the paradigms of traditional education.

For example, in what year of school education are topics such as teamwork, assertiveness, leadership and business creation developed?

The model also proposes the teaching of the value of money and encourages the creation of wealth.

Five recommendations to promote entrepreneurship in children.

1. Start playing.

Help him/her freely express all his ideas through the game and new experiences. Let him know that no matter how crazy they are, they are good and will help you get a final idea.

2. Let them dream.

Teach them that everything is possible, that there are no small or silly dreams, but that in order to achieve them, effort is important.

3. Take a chance and get excited.

Show him/her that every mistake is an opportunity to improve and learn. It is important that you guide kids to take a positive attitude towards failure and to receive constructive criticism assertively.

4. Celebrate their achievements.

Just as there are mistakes there are also achievements. Congratulate him/her for them and challenge him/her to overcome himself more and more. Whether small or large, achievement is always good to recognize, in this case, in front of the family.

5. Value your effort.

Teach him/her to value his effort and to thank. There will be situations in which you will not achieve what you wanted so much; however, you have to help him recognize the work he did in the process.

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