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10 Best Apps For Entrepreneurs

These are the best 10 applications to support the activity of entrepreneurs and businessmen when organizing their businesses and allow them to dedicate their time to creation, innovation and being competitive.

 Some of the applications are well known (Evernote, Dropbox …), what is interesting is that entrepreneurs use them and get all the performance out of them.

1. Evernote Business

The variant of the popular Evernote for business. Perfect for teamwork and collaboration. With just one click, you can transform Evernote content into an immediate presentation.

2. Digg

For the entrepreneur who is always looking for new innovations and wants to get the latest news and trends in his industry or sector, Digg is a perfect application to download on phones, tablets and e-readers. Digg for Iphone, Ipad.

3 . Xobni

Xobni (SmartR Contacts, recently joined Yahoo). It allows users to find their most important contacts in each business instantly. The tool analyzes the social network, contacts, phone contacts, email accounts… it is like a smart contact book.

4. Invoice2go Keeps

You on top of business finances and creates invoices for you in minutes. Once an invoice has been created, Invoice2go will send a notice to mark the invoice, as paid or not. Create instant reports to show unpaid balances, and send reminders to debtors from your phone or tablet.

5. Dropbox

Dropbox is a service that allows users to store all their files in the cloud and access them anywhere or anytime. Fast loading and a simple interface, it is not the only service (Google Drive and others like it), but highly recommended.

6. Clicky

Clicky allows entrepreneurs to analyze their website statistics on the go and stay up-to-date with the latest trends and updates to the Google search algorithm.

Clicky provides the ability to personalize relationships with users by entering personalized data, such as user names or email addresses.

7. Prismatic

As with Digg, entrepreneurs can update their team with the latest updates in their industry or sector with this application.

Depending on the interests of users, Prismatic presents articles that depending on whether they are marked with likes or not, an algorithm is created to attract the content that interests the user.

8. Producteev

It is the perfect application to help entrepreneurs delegate and complete tasks with their teams. Assign tasks, add due dates, track progress and measure final results with this app.

9. Easy Projects

Easy Projects is a management software application that allows users to plan online to solve all their organizational needs. Allows to export MS Project and MS Excell. It facilitates the tasks of management, manage and plan tasks, using interactive Gantt charts, and incorporate a time management module.

10. Vesper

Taking notes and writing down ideas is one of the best methods of inspiration. Vesper is an ideal app to take notes in the most intuitive way. Users can write text, add images and text, and can easily find all of their notes.

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